If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Elk Grove Orthodontics came highly recommended by my DDS. I value his opinion and he was not wrong!!! I am very happy with the professional care I received from Dr. Donald Rollofson and Dr. Matthew Sandretti upon my initial consultation and meeting after all X-rays and photos had been taken. All ladies in the office are super nice and very professional. I don’t recall who helped me with the taking of all the initial photos, but she was very friendly and helped with me overcome being nervous.”
— Carolyn

“My son had his X-Rays and scans done today. The entire staff was polite and welcoming. The tech explained what each scan was that was taken, and she let us look at them as well. It is very important to me as a parent and customer to not feel left in the dark about what’s going on. Dr. Rollofson’s office did an excellent job keeping me informed.”
— Andria

“We had wonderful friendly service. Everyone was smiling and chipper. We got in right away and appreciated not having to wait. They explained everything very well. Overall a great experience.”
— Ashley

“Judi was very nice and very helpful with our financial questions. The office was very busy but we didn’t have to wait long, and we liked the fact that the doctor explained the procedures to both me and my son and not just to me only.”
— Tyler

“I felt so relaxed when meeting Dr. Don Rollofson for my first time. He seems to be a caring and trustworthy orthodontist. Judi explained price and payments with no hidden fees. Very nice staff from day one.
I highly recommend him for orthodontic work if needed.”
— June

“I have been with Dr. Rollofson since my past memory days of cross bites and difficult smile many, many years ago. Under Dr. Rollofson’s artful orthodontic work, I can now smile freely. I am very thankful that I am still under his skillful and loving orthodontic care. I highly recommend Dr. Rollofson to you if you need orthodontic care.”
— James

“There was a very warm and welcoming aura the moment my family and I walked into the office. I knew my family/friends had all pointed me to the right place as Dr. Donald Rollofson and I discussed about my plans on getting braces. With the many visits I had in various dental offices, I felt that all my questions were answered and that we are all on the same page (thoughts) about having a healthier smile. I was pleased to hear from Dr. Rollofson on how well I have taken care of teeth, including bone strength and maintenance. Dr. D. Rollofson is very quick with his examinations and thoroughly discusses his findings using simple examples. You can tell that he is very passionate of his work. Secondly, I think all the staff are great. I commend Jenn for her positivity and great interpersonal skills. I am usually shy, but Jenn carried a few good conversations with me, making my first visit to this dental office even more confident and well taken care of. Thanks, team.”
— Lisa

“The employees were great! Every one of the dental assistants I had were very down to earth and extremely nice. Dr. Rollofson also creates a relationship with each of his patients and is very funny, and makes it easier to go get your braces and or Invisalign adjusted. They are invested in the success of your braces and aren’t there to get you in and out quickly with a half-effort job, which is really refreshing. All the people there are very organized and always punctual. Again, they were highly flexible and able to make appointment times work for the patient and their family. Overall, my experience at Elk Grove Orthodontics was exceptional and would recommend them to anyone and be confident in my suggestion, because I know they will be in good hands!”
— Rylee

“It was my first time there and it was very nice. The doctors were friendly and made me feel welcomed. I can’t wait for my next appointment!”
— Essence

“Elk Grove Orthodontics was wonderful! The people in the office are so kind and helpful. I have been with them for years and have been incredibly happy with the experience. My teeth look amazing and the staff have really taken care of me as a patient. Elk Grove Orthodontics provides a great service to patients and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a great orthodontist.”
— Catherine

“The appointment was quick, easy, and had no problems. The person who was helping me was very kind. Overall, awesome place to be.”
— Nick

“Best orthodontist.... staff is extremely friendly, punctual, and courteous. Great job, Elk Grove Orthodontics!”
— Pricilla

“If every health-care facility followed the example of individual patient care, professionalism, and efficiency set by Dr Rollofson and his staff at Elk Grove Orthodontics, our national healthcare crisis would not exist. From the initial evaluation appointment through the past year of monthly checkups, the entire crew makes sure that, not only I, but my son, understands every detail of treatment taking place, progress made, and future steps, and they do this like you’re the only patient for the day. What’s truly amazing is that they accomplish this while seeing multiple patients and they never fall behind schedule — we are often even out of the office before our actual appointment time with all our questions answered and expected progress on the treatment plan. Yes, all of this AND an orthodontist who is friendly, open, honest, and is completing some amazing feats correcting my son’s bite and moving his teeth into alignment.
“I want to say thank you for helping me out with my smile. I have always had somewhat of anxiety going to the dentist or orthodontist. Dr. Don Rollofson, the office, and his professional staff made each visit enjoyable. I greatly appreciate an office that takes pride in their work and dedication to their career. I can now smile and speak with confidence, knowing the public can see my prefect straight teeth … as one person related to me.”
— Bryan

“I have two boys who got braces at about the same time. Dr. Rollofson and staff are an absolute dream come true! Not only did my two boys get braces, but as an adult, I decided to get my teeth straightened. At first, I was fearing that I would need the metal braces, but Dr. Rollofson gave me the option of the clear braces, I was thrilled! It—s been a little over two years and I am almost done, and quite frankly, I am so happy with the results. Dr. Rollofson is good at listening and well-studied. He is always using state-of-the-art techniques, is reliable because he stands behind all of the work he does.
“I never thought that the three of us could be treated at the same time, but Dr. Rollofson’s staff has worked really hard to work with our resources and get the job done.
“My older son is very happy with his new smile. My younger son and I are excited and looking forward to our soon-to-be-new smiles. In addition, as soon as you walk in the office, the vibe makes all of us feel comfortable. We visit every four to six weeks and the staff remember us and know us by name.
“Thank you, Dr. Rollofson and staff!!!!”
— Sandra

“I am so excited about this new office. Not only is it much closer, but it is so modern with the decor, comfortable, and nice. Love the coffee bar. Plus, it has the same great staff as the other office. Couldn’t ask for anything more.”
— Stacey

“I have enjoyed my time spent with everyone at the office! I just got my braces off yesterday and am so thrilled with the results! My teeth look great, my bite feels perfect, and all along the way I was taken care of by friendly, helpful people that really cared about me. Dr. Rollofson is fun to be around and answered all of my questions and concerns. I would definitely refer my friends and family to him.”
— Brooke

“I love coming to this office!! I’ve been seen by a majority of the beautiful ladies here and they have all been wonderful! My appointments are super quick while still taking the time to answer any questions or concerns I might have. Thanks to everyone at this office for making this experience a great one!!”
— Alicia

“Your entire office is amazing, from the scheduling to the care in dealing with our teenage son, who isn’t the best client in care of his mouth. Thanks for doing all you can for him and making this process the best possible. I love how you care for our kids and help me in scheduling their appointments. You make us feel as though we are part of the family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
— Teresa

“Everyone in Dr Rollofson’s office is always very polite, ALWAYS with a huge smile. I enjoy going to my appointments. Everyone there is like family.”
— Christina

“Dr. Rollofson’s office has the kindest, most patient staff I have ever met. They put you at ease immediately. I have had to schedule a few last-minute appointments for various things, and they were so accommodating and do not make you feel like you are an inconvenience to them. We are very lucky to have found them for orthodontics.”
— Jen

“Being in the dental field myself, I have heard great things about Dr. Rollofson, and I was very impressed when I took my 8-year-old son into his office this last week. He is so personable, and upon meeting him, you can tell how knowledgeable he is. I also loved the atmosphere of his office: all the assistants were very friendly and there is a very positive/upbeat vibe to the office which I believe helps the kids be more relaxed about going through orthodontic treatment. I would definitely recommend his office to my friends and family, and I’m very glad that my son is seeing him for orthodontics :) ”
— Sarah

“This is a great place that has a great atmosphere. All the staff are friendly and are always very helpful. I’m been coming here for more than a year now, and it has always been a great experience for me. My treatment is going really well and I am so happy with my overall experience. I would definitely recommend my family and friends to choose Dr Rollofson if they ever need treatment to achieve a perfect smile.”
— Ryner

“I love this place! Excellent service, friendly and fun environment!! Everyone is always smiling with a positive attitude. I have had the best experience at Dr. Don Rollofson office!! I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs ortho services!!”
— Robin

“We had a wonderful experience! Always kind, punctual, and accommodating. They made my daughter feel like a special patient every time. Her teeth look great! We could not have had a better experience.”
— Gina

“I'm writing this for my son, Cody. We were all very pleased with our first visit to Dr. Rollofson! Upon entering the Vintage Park office, we were greeted by Sharon. The office is gorgeous and does not at all resemble a dental office, but more of a living-room setting. It felt comfortable and inviting from the moment we walked in! When it was time to meet Dr. Rollofson, the exam area was again, very inviting and did not have that ‘clinical’ feel. Dr. Rollofson greeted my son, my husband and me, and was very informative about what type of care my son would need. He explained everything thoroughly and made sure we felt okay with the treatment plan. We know we are in for many years of orthodontics with our son, and I am so glad that Dr. Rollofson is the orthodontist that we chose!”
— Stephanie

“Hard to imagine that going to the orthodontist would be a fun experience, but going to this office truly is! Everyone is so friendly and enthusiastic and upbeat! Not to mention Dr. R, who inspires confidence in his expertise yet doubles as a chairside comedian! My teeth and bite are improving so much faster than I ever imagined they would. Thank you, everyone!”
— Gayle

“Every time we come into the office, we are greeted with the happiest smiles and most positive attitudes. Everything is explained clearly to my daughter on a level she can understand, and all of her many questions are answered! We had a few consultations, but after visiting Dr. Rollofson’s office, my daughter felt so comfortable and at ease with all the amazing ladies in the office, she made the decision for us. We are so happy with the treatment plan and how quickly she is progressing. We have recommended Dr. Rollofson to several friends!”
— Annie

“This office is the best: the staff is very friendly and are great at what they do. The doctor is wonderful as well, he has great attention to detail and wants you looking your best. Very happy with my results.”
— Daisy

“After two years or so, my braces finally came off. I feel like a new person. Dr. Rollofson was a natural pro at what he did, along with his pretty and skillful assistants. I made a great choice and no regrets. Thanks, Dr. Rollofson for fixing my crooked teeth!”
— Bill

“Nice staffs that are caring, kind, and friendly. (Also professional.)
PLUS … the number one doctor in California: super professional and kind!”
— Jack

“The appointment was on time, the staff was very helpful. Dr. Rollofson answered all of my questions and made me feel confident in the decision I was making to have braces put on to correct the overcrowding and cross bite.”
— Kenneth

“The best place to have braces done. The staff are so friendly and make you feel very comfortable. My kid was worried about getting braces on; they made her feel good, and now she’s not worried about them at all. I tell everyone to go here for braces!!”
— Sarah

“My son had a very prominent underbite, which our dentist told us might require surgery to fix! Thankfully, he referred us to Dr. Rollofson, who has given my son a beautiful smile; he gets complimented on it all the time. Dr. Rollofson’s staff is wonderful; we have never had to wait for an appointment and they are always very accommodating when we’ve had to reschedule. Can’t say enough good things!”
— Jennifer

“We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rollofson and the office staff person, Judy, during our appointment last week. Dr. Rollofson included both of my kids into the conversation, which was important to them since they will be receiving the treatment. We look forward to our next visit.”
— Kimberlee

“Both of my daughters have been to Dr Rollofson for their braces. He does an excellent job, is so good with kids, and has an amazing staff! Everyone in the office is so nice and accommodating. We are very lucky to have Dr Rollofson as our orthodontist.”
— Briana

“Dr. Rollofson and the staff are the best. Dr. Rollofson did an amazing job on my smile! It looks so much better than before! Everybody in the staff is super friendly and are always helpful when I have questions/concerns, or if I need to change an appointment last minute: they are always cooperative with my schedule. I strongly recommend Elk Grove Orthodontics!!!”
— Roopa

“Always warm and friendly staff, but I am a bit biased with Dr R. All three of my girls were patients at EG Ortho. Always great service, rarely had to wait past appointment time. And the level of care that went into straightening their teeth was given with care, patience and the best of knowledge.”
— Bonnie

“Dr. Rollofson is such a supportive contributor to the Rancho Murieta and Elk Grove communities. It was an easy decision when our children were needing orthodontic work ... of course we would go to Dr. Rollofson. I think the longest we have waited was maybe five minutes, and the staff turnover has to be about 1%. They are so professional and know their business. I don’t think I have ever seen Dr. Rollofson in a poor mood, and both of our children love going to see him. We will always refer friends to Dr. Rollofson, and I will never forget personally how supportive he was when I started ETC in Rancho Murieta as a business person and friend.”
— Erin

“My teeth look great. It didn’t seem like I had them on that long. I truly enjoyed having Dr. Rollofson as my orthodontist. He has a great personality! His staff are also great. I never had a bad experience. Thank you Elk Grove Ortho, you guys are great!!!!”
— Veronica

“My son enjoyed the experience of having braces. They have an excellent team that makes it a fun experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Rollofson to anyone! Thank you very much for the great job!!”
— Alejandro

“Elk Grove Orthodontics is so fantastic that I even came back a second time! =) I had orthodontic work done almost twelve or so years ago and had a great experience with Dr. Rollofson and his staff. Twelve years later I needed a stubborn tooth straightened out and of course I went right back to this office. Once again, a great experience. Elk Grove Orthodontics works with you providing you the best service possible. Even friends and family who have had orthodontic work here have nothing but wonderful things to say. The staff always has a cheery attitude and makes you feel so welcome. I just got my bottom braces off, and my teeth look and feel fantastic! Thank you all so much!”
— Lindsay

“I had an amazing experience with Dr. Rollofson and his team. While being a working student, affording braces was not always easy, but Dr. Rollofson came up with a payment plan that made it possible. His team of beautiful women were gentle and kind, if I ever had any questions or had to make appointment changes. I was not excited about the decision to get braces as an adult, but Dr. Rollofson made it a pleasant experience and now I am so happy I did it!”
— Kayla

“We love Elk Grove Orthodontics! The staff and Dr. Rollofson are wonderful! I had braces here along with two of my sons, and we have always been very happy! We highly recommend them!”
— Melanie

“I think that the process of getting my braces put on was an enjoyable experience and was quick. The environment was nice and welcoming, and the workers here are hardworking.”
— Bonnie

“Everyone is cheerful and personable. You all are great at what you do and interested in the patients too. Thank you for making it easy and comfortable for us to come in and relax while you do your magic on our mouths.”
— Dora

“Professional. Dependable. Friendly. This is my second child in braces with Dr. R and I have zero complaints. Zero! Highly recommend.”
— Madeira

“Dr. Rollofson and his entire staff are efficient, personable, and professional. I have always left feeling amazed at how quickly they got me in and out of the office, and at the same time, how enjoyable the experience was. Their friendly personalities and great people skills make you feel like you’re their only client every time you’re there. They give good eye contact, they smile, and they send you away feeling as if you were just in the company of good friends. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing orthodontic care. They are wonderful! Thank you, Dr. Rollofson and staff, for such a great experience and wonderful work. Your service is top notch!”
— Karissa

“Dr. Rollofson and his professional, friendly staff members sure make going to the orthodontist a pleasure. The doctor’s vast experience with all types of cases is invaluable.”
— Ruby

“Quick and on-time appointments. Easy explanations of what’s happening during the appointment and what to expect on your next visit. Friendly doctor and staff. Thanks!”
— Jamie

“I just got my braces off and I’m so happy with the results! Everyone is so helpful and professional in the office, and I feel like I received the best possible care. I would highly recommend Dr. Rollofson!”
— Tracey

“Daughter has crazy teeth! Before coming here, she had stopped smiling for fear of being teased. Dr. Rollofson came up with a plan to address her teeth and day 1 of getting her braces on, she started to smile again. Every visit has been courteous and friendly. My daughter has never dreaded her appointments.”
— Cherie

“Elk Grove Orthodontics has taken care of both my girls. Professional, efficient staff, and so willing to work with our busy schedule!”
— Darcy

“I fell off my bike and landed on my face. The fall fractured my maxilla and pushed three front teeth back. One tooth went through my upper lip and I needed a couple stitches. The three teeth had nerve damage from the trauma. Dr. Rollofson and his staff set me up with braces that are realigning my teeth and have saved the nerves from root canals. The process is moving quickly with very little discomfort. I highly recommend everyone in this office.”
— Cynthia

“Dr. Rollofson and his staff are very helpful and professional every visit. Today Jennifer was helpful and answered all my questions; she made sure that everything went smoothly. (Thank you for hooking up the SJ Shark’s team colors.) I recommend your orthodontic office to anyone. Thank you for helping me transform my smile. Definitely looking forward to bringing my kids when they are old enough to get started on their treatment. Thank you, doctor and staff; can’t wait for my next visit/ checkup.”
— Gus

“My daughter had serious issues with her teeth at a very young age. Our dentist referred us to Dr Rollofson. He has treated her well and always gone over all options, then explaining what he thinks the best course of action would be. Very caring, takes the time needed with each patient, yet very quick and efficient. His staff is fantastic. They are all so great to us each time we come in. My daughter’s teeth are in great shape now, thanks to him. I couldn’t find a better orthodontist than Dr Rollofson. He is the best!”
— Patricia

“We love Dr. Rollofson, Dr. Sandretti, and all of the team at Elk Grove Orthodontics! Thank you for our beautiful smiles!”
— Danielle

“Again, we were seen right on time and quickly taken care of. Everything was explained to us that Dr. Rollofson was going to do at our next appointment. Visits are always great and relaxing.”
— Patty

“Dr. Rollofson and his staff is always friendly, ready to answer any question or concern. The wait time is always brief and we get right into all our appointments. I love the friendly, fun-loving office.”
— Richelle

“It’d be pretty hard to find a dentist in the Sacramento area who is as kind and as professional as Dr. Rollofson. He created a retainer for me months ago and is still checking up on the progress of my teeth movement. He truly cares about each and every patient. His staff is so welcoming and polite. I love that they also worry that every patient is taken care of the right way. Elk Grove Orthodontics is the place to go!”
— Zoe

“Always on time, always professional!!!! Thank you for the great service over the years. Two daughters have gorgeous smiles, thanks to you and your awesome staff. Now one more to go.”
— Jason

“Every time I have been in there, the staff has been great. The doctor is great with the kids and I never dread going. Thanks!”
— Anthony

“I was at Dr. Rollofson’s office yesterday. His staff is always so friendly and helpful. Dr. Rollofson is patient. I look forward to my next visit!”
— Sarah

“Kate is our fourth child to be treated by Dr. Rollofson. She looks forward to her visits because the entire staff is SO friendly and nice. She also says that Dr. Rollofson is funny and makes her smile. We can’t wait to see her beautiful smile in a couple of years!”
— Kara

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff. It is always a pleasure to visit this office. My son’s teeth look beautiful, as he just had his braces removed. They took really good care of us!”
— Rekha

“We’ve been very pleased with the orthodontic care our daughter has received from Dr. Rollofson and his caring staff. My daughter is getting close to having her braces taken off, and her teeth are looking great!”
— Lesley

“Doctor and all of his staff are exceptional people. My teeth are straight and beautiful for the first time in my life. They are always happy to see me whenever I come in, whether it be for adjustments or an emergency.
This entire office made me glad that I chose braces at such a late age. Thank you!”
— Jalene

“Dr. Rollofson’s office is a great place. They are always kind and fun, too. Last time that I was scheduled to go in, I had a last-minute conflict with a school obligation. My Mom called the orthodontic office and asked if we could change times. There were very helpful and were able to switch my appointment time so I could attend an important tutoring session. It made my life much easier!”
— Kevin

“I love the way we come right in, we’re greeted, always friendly, get looked at, and we’re on our way. Very quick and efficient! Thank you!”
— Doug

“My kids and I love Dr. Rollofson and his staff! The orthodontic care is top notch, and everyone in the office is friendly and welcoming ... not only do they recognize us when we come in, they also know who we are whenever we call. It’s wonderful to get professional expert care from a doctor and staff who also make us feel like part of a family! I would highly recommend Dr. Rollofson to anyone seeking orthodontic treatment.”
— Lanie

“My orthodontic experience at Elk Grove Orthodontics has been outstanding! Dr. Rollofson is very professional, patient, and trustworthy. He takes his time to listen to patient concerns and explains his treatment proposals so that his patients understand what steps are necessary in achieving the best results. The office environment is very clean and comforting, with very minimal to no wait time. In addition to his practice, he has an absolutely awesome staff! Super friendly, fun, courteous, and accommodating! I have no regrets making my treatment commitment to Dr. Rollofson and his practice! Thank you for the beautiful smiles, and keep up the great work, Dr. R!!”
— Myhong

“We have two teenage girls that both needed braces. We have gone to Dr. Rollofson’s office since 2006. His staff has always been very professional and positive. We were always treated well and they were very easygoing and friendly. They have contests for their patients, which makes it fun. Both of my girls had very challenging teeth to work with. Dr. Rollofson did an excellent job on both of our girls’ teeth. We are happy with the end result and would recommend Dr. Rollofson to our friends.”
— Susan

“A very nice, clean, and friendly environment. Nice group of staff. Excellent service by the dentist and his staff!”
— Sudhir

“I obviously love this place! Beautiful and nicest staff! So thankful to these people for my teeth! Without them, my teeth would be all types of ugly! Thank you, Dr. R and staff.”
— Montana

“I loved coming to this office. It’s so close to my school and I like all the people there. Doctor Rollofson is a pretty cool doctor.”
— Jalen

“Dr. Rollofson and his staff treat you like you are the only patients of the day. They are so organized and prompt!”
— Olivia

“Dr. Rollofson has been wonderful with all five of my kids and now my grandchild. Each child had their own situation and much different. He always had a couple of approaches to take and explained all of them to me thoroughly. And when I had no dental insurance and several kids in braces, he worked with me on the payments. Thanks to him, my five children have beautiful smiles and I know my grandson will too!”
— Patty

“The best place to have dental work done!! Everyone is very nice and helpful. They make your kids feel very comfortable about getting braces.”
— Sara

“The doctor was very friendly took his time and didn’t rush into making decisions about my child. Which I really appreciated. Very nice and very friendly staff.”
— Jessie

“Everyone is very prompt and helpful in the office. Dr. Rollofson is very nice and knowledgeable, and I know I picked the right orthodontist. My teeth are moving right along, and before you know it, the braces will be off. Keep up the great work. And thank you!!!”
— Karyl

“My son is always happy after his visit!! You guys made getting braces for him a good experience, thank you!!!”
— Josh

“Hi, I would like to say that I like how I am treated by the staff when I go for my appointments. They are friendly and sometimes funny, which makes my time there better. I am happy that my braces will be coming off soon! Thanks.”
— Zachary

“Everyone here is so nice and always makes me feel important. I like that, even with all the patients you see each day, you always remember who we all are. I will always remember how comforting everyone was the day I got my braces on: I just happened to be the first patient to get bands on in the new office, and that made the experience even more special. Thank you!”
— Kylie

“Dr. Rollofson is a great and friendly doctor. His staff makes you feel very comfortable from the time you enter the office till the time you leave. Even down to the decor in the waiting room, which has that ‘at-home feel’ to it. My son was very nervous the first visit, and by the time we left, he was looking forward to coming back for his follow-up. He likes how you sign in on the computer, letting the staff know he is here. Dr. Rollofson is very knowledgeable, and when he speaks to you about the procedure or what is going on with the teeth, he explains everything in laymen’s terms. We are very pleased to have him in our arsenal of dental professionals to make my kids have the best teeth in town.”
— John

“I love consistency, and Dr. Rolloffson and his staff are consistently pleasant, welcoming, and helpful.”
— Brian

“Everyone was very helpful: the appointment was fast and took care of all my questions. Everyone in the office just seemed like they really enjoyed being there.”
— Heather

“First-class business. Great people, great smiles.”
— Arnold

“You guys are awesome, couldn’t have asked for better care from the staff and Dr. Rollofson. I highly recommend you, I would never go to another orthodontist.”
— Isaiah

“Dr. Rollofson and his staff are wonderful! Part of me felt silly getting braces as an adult, but when I went in for my consultation, everyone made me feel really comfortable and it didn’t seem so silly anymore. I greatly appreciate the staff’s awesome attitudes and hard work.”
— Sarah

“Love Dr. Rollofson and staff. They are friendly, helpful, and always work with my schedule. I always refer to them when someone asks about orthodontists; i.e., who we use and who we consulted with before making our decision. Can’t say enough great things about them.”
— Tricia

“The staff at Dr. Rollofson’s office are always so welcoming and kind. They make my daughter feel comfortable and always get her in and out quickly.”
— Rebecca

“Elk Grove is lucky to have Dr. Rollofson and his staff in the area!! We are thankful for their expertise. The office is so clean, organized, and efficient. Thank you!”
— Cathi

“I absolutely love Dr. Rollofson and his staff. The office is very friendly and courteous! His judgment is excellent; I am thankful that I found this orthodontic office. He has my daughter on her way to an even more beautiful smile. I only wish he could have been my orthodontist when I needed one.”
— Aisha

“I called Dr. Rollofson’s office on Tuesday morning, October 1st, inquiring about scheduling a consultation appointment. The receptionist indicated there was an opening that same morning, at 9:30am. I was thrilled, as I was expecting to have to wait sometime for an appointment I took the appointment.
“I saw Dr. Rollofson to discuss treatment options for some crowding teeth. He was punctual, informative, and very personable. He explained in great detail my options and the associated treatments.
“I would recommend Dr. Rollofson in the future.”
— Jody

“We are very pleased with the overall customer service that is provided to us at every office visit. Most of all, we are now beginning to see the outstanding results of all of the hard work that the doctor/staff has put into my son’s teeth!”
— Elizabeth

“Love you guys! I really appreciate the fact that you get us in and out. My time is valuable, I appreciate that you respect that. I also love all the smiling faces and kind staff. Thank you.”
— Heidi

“It’s always nice to walk into your orthodontic office and everyone has a smile on their face.
“I love the staff. It’s a fun place. There is always something going on in this office.
“I’m always treated like I’m the most important person. See you at my next visit.”
— Natalie

“Fast, courteous staff! Easy to work with, and having two locations makes appointments super easy!”
— Joshua

“We love, love, love Dr. Rollofson and the entire staff. Everyone is so friendly and efficient every single time we come in. We have already referred several friends and will continue to tell everyone in need of orthodontic care that there is no one better than Dr. Rollofson. Thanks for taking such great care of my girls!”
— Melissa

“Every time we come to the office, the staff is super friendly! They greet us with a smile and ask how we are doing. Dr. Rollofson jokes around with us and makes us laugh. It is a pleasure coming in for our visits!”
— Janne

“Really don’t know where to begin. My daughter was so afraid of going to the dentist, but not only the orthodontist but all the staff made her feel so good and relaxed that when we walked out of the office, she said that’s it, we’re done? Lol!”
— Juanita

“They have always treated me very good. All the staff is very friendly and they feel like a happy family!”
— Amanda

“The doctor has been very accommodating to my situation (trying to get treatment going before leaving for college). I also liked that X-rays were sent directly to the oral surgeon before we even asked. Thanks!”
— Thomas

“Such friendly faces from the moment you walk in the door until you walk back out at the end of your appointment! Dr. Rollofson does a wonderful job of explaining everything he is doing!”
— Tiffany

“It has been such a privilege to know and work with Dr. Rollofson and his staff. Wow, who knew that I could be so pleased with my teeth? Yep, I am. Dr. Rollofson and his staff are both capable and supportive during treatment and after, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone considering orthodontics.”
— Christine

“I’ve never had a bad experience at Dr. Rollofson’s office. Friendly, helpful staff and convenient appointment times have been a highlight. We never have to wait. It’s been great!”
— Celia

“Service is wonderful! As soon as I walked in, the secretary knew exactly who I was and by name. Within a few minutes she had me in the back ready for X-rays. I didn’t know the technology would be so advanced. It was pretty cool. She was fast, sweet, and made sure I was comfortable. I also enjoyed the music in the background. Overall, it was a great, quick visit. 10/10 stars!”
— Rebecca

“Dr. Rollofson and his staff have always been top notch, by far the best! He gave me my beautiful smile 25 years ago, and now my son Johnny has the exact same smile. We are so lucky to have had him do our teeth! Let’s just say he gives people ‘Hollywood teeth’! Dr Rollofson rocks!”
— Darcy

“I am pleased with the entire staff! I am impressed with the willingness to listen and work together to come up with a comprehensive plan to achieve the results. The assistants are so friendly and helpful, and the office staff is amazing, with all their help with appointments and financial arrangements! Couldn’t be happier with their care for my boys.”
— Christine

“Cynthia has been seeing you for orthodontic care for YEARS! We always look forward to our visits. The staff is amazing! Always so friendly and smiley. Dr. Rollofson ... couldn’t imagine having had any other orthodontist for my daughter! Professional, friendly, funny, and absolutely fantastic in his work! Cynthia’s teeth used to be sideways ... you have worked wonders and her teeth are so straight! The new office ... LOVE IT! The floor plan is so open, the furniture in the classy waiting area is great, the location is perfect! Your office has succeeded at improving upon something that was already so great. Kudos and many thanks!”
— Sherry

“Joseph came in to the office during his baseball practice with a serious injury. He had been hit with the ball and his two front teeth were knocked out. Dr. Don and Dr. Christie Rollofson with staff worked together and temporarily repaired his teeth with great ease. Joseph and my family are so thankful for their excellent ability to handle any situation. Thank you so much.”
— Rene

“Dr. Rollofson’s office is amazing. They are kind, courteous, and super efficient. There is no excessive wait time and we are usually in and out within 30 minutes. Would and do highly recommend them.”
— Cindy

“The staff was nice and very gentle. I thought the doctor was awesome!”
— David

“I arrived 15 minutes early, and two minutes after I signed in I was already on the chair for my wire brace replacement. As always, service was fast, friendly, and done right.”
— John

“Our experience with your office has been excellent. You do not overbook, so there have been no long waiting times. The staff is always helpful and cheerful. The doctors are experienced and knowledgeable. So far, so good!”
— Julia

“Good job, and keep up the good work, guys. Thanks so much for helping me take care of my amazing teeth!”
— Cameron

“The whole team has been absolutely amazing so far! I had my free consultation: everything was explained in a way I could understand and all my fears were put aside. I am looking forward to letting this awesome team help me achieve my straighter smile.”
— Tracy

“Always easy to get an appointment. There is little to no waiting. Everyone is friendly.”
— Max

“Always prompt to take us in at the scheduled appointment time, friendly, and thorough in the explanation of the plan and next steps. Thank you!”
— Lisa

“The orthodontic tech was fabulous and made me feel so comfortable, and the receptionist was awesome!! Everyone is so friendly!!  I was a little apprehensive about finding a new dental office because of my past experience but I am so happy that I found this place!! Thank you.”
— Yeng

“Dr. Rollofson is the best orthodontist and his staff are excellent.”
— Ryan

“We have never waited long for my daughter’s appointments. Stephanie is always prepared and with a smile on her face.”
— Elizabeth

“This office is staffed with knowledgeable and courteous professionals. Dr. Rollofson came highly recommended by my son’s cranio-facial panel and I am glad he is in charge of my son’s corrective orthodontics.”
— Paulina

“Doctor and the staff are always so welcoming, and they do an awesome job with their practice. Special thanks for their dedication to helping me with a well-worth, beautiful smile!!”
— Brandi

“I would like to thank your office for such a welcoming environment. My daughter Lauren always looks forward to her appointments with Dr. Rollofson. She appreciates his kindness, enthusiasm, and humor. Thanks for the positive experience.”
— Christina

“From the moment I walk in, the staff is so lovely and kind. The friendly and fun atmosphere makes having braces not so bad!”
— Joyce

“They got me right in (even though I got there early) and the appointment was fast.”
— Antonio

“I drive all the way down from the Arden arcade area because of the amazing staff and awesome Dr Rollofson. I will keep coming back.”
— Mandy





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